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Spirits - Avion Cristalino Reserva Tequila

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Going beyond typical aged tequila, Avión Reserva Cristalino marries silky smoothness with aged complexity.

Meticulously crafted with hand selected agaves grown at the​ highest elevations. Avión agaves are slowly roasted in brick ovens and carefully distilled to assure an incredibly smooth and finely balanced finish. After resting in select american oak barrels, the blend of our finest añejo tequila, with a touch of extra añejo is double-charcoal filtered to achieve cristalline clarity and unparalleled smoothness.

Join the journey of unveiling a range of layered flavors hidden within this crystal-clear tequila. Discovering notes of oak, vanilla, spices and nuttiness. Along with the bright earthiness of our agaves.

This smooth journey is ideally sipped neat, or on the rocks.